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Vocabulary lessons 7, 8 and 9.


caprice n a whim or a fancy He is movingto a different house for the third time in a year to satisfy the caprice of his eccentric wife
conducive adj /adv propitious, has the right conditions Your untidy work antagonizes the examiner and is not conducive to your achieving good marks.
depleted adj finished, used up The census shows that the rural population has been depleted by a general move towards the cities.
desist v to refrain, stop yourself

Shooting gulls is a violaton of the game laws; you must desist at once.

despicable adj gastly, horrible

The wicked Nero was undoubtedly the most despicable ruler of this era.

diffident adj lacking in confidence His employer is affable enough, but the young man seems to be diffident about asking him a promotion.
dignitary n. people of importance

I was embarrassed to find myself seated on the platform surrounded by a galaxy of dignitary.

dynamic adj energetic, lively

Wee need a man with a dynamic personality to give the campaign the necessary impetus (push).

effusive adj shoing emotion The Cavalier poets liked to exaggerate the charms of their ladies in poems of effusive praise.
finesse n delicacy, refinement Gladstone was noted for his forceful rhetoric, but he lacked the finesse of Disraeli in polical affairs.
gainsay v. deny Cynic he may be, but he also has a trait of generosity. This fact you cannot gainsay.
gratis adv free of charge

To enhance the popularity of his new store, the proprietor handed a package of tea gratis to each of his customers on opening day.

liberal adj free thinking

The old lady stints herself in order to make liberal donations to charity.

ornate adj highly decorated

The actors' costumes are far too ornated to portray humble village characters.

perfunctory adj without interest The pupils were disappointed when the principal cast only a perfunctory glance at their notebooks.
portend v to predict The Premier's speecj portends an early election, or have I mistaken its purport.
preoccupation n concern, anxiety So profound was my father's preoccupation that he did not notice the ringing of the telephone.
repression n to dominate His children are quite boisterous (noisy) , and they certainly show no sign of repression.
sardonic adj cynicall, sarcastic

One can tell that she is being sarcastic by the sardonic expression on her face.

vacillate v to be undecided. If the present government continues to vacillate, let us elect one that will adhere to a definte policy.


acrid adj bitter, sour in taste & smell The boy had to be revivedby artificial repsiration after he had inhaled acrid fumes from the damaged refrigerator.
assuage v to soothe, make less severe Cyclops was a legendary giant, who needed a whole sheep at a meal to assuage his hunger.
conclusive adj completes / convincing The police produced conclusive evidence that the robber entered the house in the guise of a plumber.
delve v to dig into The more I delve into his past, the more I am inclined to descredit his claims.
digress v to go off the point, out of topic Stich closley to the point; if you digress, you will not have enough time to refute your opponent's arguments.
disintegrate v to fall appart Under aggresive attacks by barbarian hordes, the Roman empire began to disintegrate.
emancipate v to free, liberate Lincoln's policy with regard to the Southern States was dominated by his deternination to emancipate the slaves.
facetious adj intending to be amusing but insulting I abhot a perosn who will not refrain from making facetious coments on solemn occasions.
felon n criminal Naval captains used to contrive to man their ships with felons from the gaols.
galavanize v to protect from rust / stimulate someone into activity At the ominous sound of the siren, the firemen were galvanized into action.
impassive adj does not show emotion While the villagers wrangled over the possession of the trader's trinkets, the old chief remainded aloof and impassive.
influx n inflow Canadian hotel-keepers are preparing to accommodate the impending influx of tourists from the United States.
innate n natural, in born The homing pigeonpossesses an innate sense of direction and even on long flights, rarely becomes lost.
irksome adj troublesome, bothersome She finds that the drudgery of housekeeping without modern facilities is extremely irksome.
occult adj deeling with the supernatural Stonehenge, situated in Southern England, is the place where Druid priests practised their occult rites.
preclude v excltude possibility of something In order to prelude the possibiltiy of any misunderstanding, I expressly urged him to use my name as a reference.
projectile n missile, throughn object. A weapon used by some primitive African natives is a long bamboo tube, from which they blow deadly, poisoned projectiles.
purveyor n supplier or distributer There are already several purveyors of meat in this locality; another one would superfluous.
revoke v to take back, cancel Although the Emperor realized that he was wrong, he refused to revoke his unjust edict.
trite adj ordinary, boaring, common I hoped to glean something original from this essay, but foundthat its ideas were exceedingly trite.


aesthetic adj. pertaining or relating to a scene of beauty. The aesthetic taste of the curator accounts for the fact that the art collection surpasses any other in the country
brevity n short lapse of time "Brevity is the soul of wit", is a much-quoted excerpt from Shakespeare.
concur v to agree with The dissenssion between us occurred because he wabted to dismiss the oldest employee, and I refused to concur.
crucial adj vital, important Wven a momentary lapse of attention at this crucial point in the experiment vould be disastrous.
decorum n etiquette or correct behavior the child should not be allowed to misbehave with impunity. His mother ought to give him a lecture on decorum.
demonstrative adj showing emotion The child is never demonstrative towards his parents, and it is difficult to tell if he feels any filial affection.
devolve v to result in / or to succeed someone, to follow. Since he is a reputable banker, the job Church Treasurer will naturally devolve on him.
dilemma n a problem, a quandry We were faced with the choice of spending the night on the edge of the abbys, or finding our way in the dark. What a dilemma!
disconsolate adj to be extremely depressed things may look black, but don't be disconsolate. We have surmounted greater difficulties in the past.
epigram n a short, clever saying When Shakespeare and his contemporaries met, many a clever epigram was coined.
fastidious adj particulary carefull, fussy Set the table with great care, because Mrs. Robinson is most fastidious in matters of etiquette.
immaterial adj unimportant, pointless The notorious highwayman was finally brought to hustice. The fact that he had been kind to the poor was considered to be relatively immaterial.
imposition n burden I fell that it would be quite an imposition to ask such an illustrious person to judge our dramatic contest.
imprompt adj without preparation, unprepared The speakers in the oratorical contest have to deliver a prepared oration and a short imprompt speech.
infuse v to allow something to spread The sound of martial music will often infuse young men with a spirit of patriotism.
insatiable adj that which cannot be satisfied The shrew mouse has an insatiable appetite, and eats several times the equivalent fo its own weight in food each day.
to quaff v to drink rapidly The Vikings believed that after death they would sit and quaff wine in Odin's palace.
requisition n an order, demand Manages of remote Hudson's Bay posts could send requisitions for supplies only once a year.
strapping adj well build, broad shoaldered Preceded by linkboys, seventeenth-century Londoers were caried in chairs by strapping bearers.
wreak v to inflict When Elisabeth Barrett eloped, her malicious father wanted to wreak his anger on her pet dog.


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