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Vocabulary lesson 10.


addicted adj obsessed, dependent upon He may lapse into slang occasionally but he certainly is not addicted to its constant use.
annuity n annual payment I can not minimize the importance of buying an annuity to support you in your old age.
carrion n dead flesh Up in the blue I could discry a single scavenger vulture in search of carrion.
conversant adj / adv to be familiar with, acquainted Since I am the secretary of the club which is the rendezvous of many foreigners, I have had to become conversant with several languages.
disilluisioned adj to be dissapointed The reading of adventure stories had given fred a fervent desire to go to sea, but he was sadly disilluisioned by the actual experience.
fallacy n something wrong The orthodox method of curing a feaver was to bleed the patiend; belief in this fallacy caused many a death
insidious adj treaterous, alluring but harmfull The insidious rumour that he is a traitor was spread by his enemies, and contains no vestige of truth.
intuition n sharp insight Although the rain had obliterated the grizzly's spoor, the Indian seemed to follow the animal by intuition.
obeissance n respect Thousands of his servile subjects came to do obeissance to King Darius.
olfactory adj having to do with sence of smell. He is abe to differentiate between dozens of perfumes, so well-developed is his olfactory sense.
onslaught n feerce attack All the ranchers in the district made a determined onslaught against th wolves which had been ravaging their flocks.
precedence n priority, order of rank. The job of seating the enormous crowd will be difficult, and we must try to give precedence to the members of the commitee.
prosaic adj strait forward It seems incredible that he could write romantic poetry in the prosaic atmosphere ot a tenement.
psychic adj having to do with more than what one can see The uncanny disappearence of the woman at the touch of the magician's wand made my friend Smith, think that psychic force were at work.
renaissance n rebirth To what extent was the fifteenth-century renaissance of religion and culture inspired by the monks?
residue n remains The greater portion of his estate was bequeathed to his progeny, and the residue to charity.
salutary adj wholesome, favorable A weekly award for the neatest notedbook has had a salutary effect on the writting of the whole class.
sterling adj of the highest quality The newcomer is a man of sterling qualities, and is a decided asset to the community.
voluminous adj great volume, prolific Women of the last century were encumbered with voluminous clothing.
welter n confusion, termoil After listening to so many diverse opinions my mind is a welter of conflicting ideas.



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